Addi Art Diamond Circular Limited Edition Needle

Thought you had everything? Not. This is the first in a series of collectibles in the ADDI Line of needles.  ADDI Turbo circular with a center heart filled with beautiful, sparkly, tinkly ‘diamonds’. The package is boxed, and opens to present them as you would a Tiffany necklace, ona black, velvet pallet, inside an elegant centerfold section. The story of the needles is included, and the presentation is gorgeous. A wow factor of 10.

This is a fantastic piece of knitting history, and will be an incredible knitting gift – for ANY knitter, young or old, experienced or beginner – it will inspire and delight!

One size only 10mm x 80cm. RP 1.250.000 (stok hanya 1 set).

Addi Diamond 1

 A circular knitting needle size 10mm x 80cm which addi fill up by hand with 148 precious Swarovski elements

Addi Diamond 2

Boxed set includes jewelry box-style package opening to present the story of the needles in french and english, and gorgeously presented needles on velvet pallet.

Addi Diamond 3

 Pure luxury for all senses, beautiful to look at and great to knit with

Addi Diamond 4

All their passion for handcrafting and beautiful things evolves in a surprising and inspiring collectors edition

Addi Diamond 5

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